Wooden Jewelery.

Inspired by Earth Day, we began thinking of ways to incorporate nature in our projects.  We knew we wanted to create something fun, easy and wearable so we went through Josh's collection of wood hoping to find some inspiration. We hit the jack pot when we found triangle pieces he had cut off larger chunks of wood from other projects.  We realized we could make them into funky and colorful statement earrings and necklaces and with paint we were able to make a variety of patterns and color themes.

These were quick, simple and fun to make and would make for excellent gifts. You can even use wood you find and with a little love, turn them into forever pieces for your collection of jewelery. Get one with nature and add some to your accessories. 

What You Need:

  • Triangle wood pieces (We made our own, but you can buy them on Amazon)
  • Acrylic Paint
  • Painters tape
  • Shellac
  • Drill
  • Chain
  • Silver hoops (medium)
  • Lobster clamps
  • Hook earrings 

How To It:

1. Tape out designs onto wood piece.

2. Paint open areas with your favorite colors and allow to dry.

3. Shellac your pieces for a glossy covering coat over the paint.

4. Drill small holes at 2 corners and loop in silver hoops.

5. Cut chain to length you want. For earrings cut them shorter and for the necklace cut them to length you'd like it to hang on your chest.

6. For earrings- attach hook earring and clasp in the center of chain. For necklace, cut in center of chain and attach lobster clasps. Loop through hoops to finish it off.

7. Rock your new accessories you made with mother nature!