Violet's Humble Abode.

If you have kids you know how much stuff they come with. Violet's room was packed to the brim with toys, furniture, clothes and art. No matter how picked up it was it always looked sloppy. After many hours of planning and designing, Josh and I came up with an idea to reduce the clutter. Violet needed a loft bed. It was the perfect solution.

We decided to keep the plans a secret and sent Violet off to grandma's for the next few days while we pulled off the new room. While designing the bedroom I felt that we needed an accent wall. Something that could tie together the room and add a splash of fun. It was around 10 pm when the thought came to me Friday night and it was around 10:05 when I started the wall that would soon become my nemesis. Not thinking much through, I grabbed my bright paints, tape and brushes and started mapping out the triangle shapes. This took josh and I about 2 hours to get every triangle up with our painters tape. The next part was easy, paint the inside of the taped triangles. I soon learned that my tape was garbage and bled through causing the triangles to be messy and unfinished looking. Feeling defeated I went to bed. The next morning I woke up with the plan of just going triangle to triangle  and fixing each one. This took hours, but I'm glad I stuck with it because it turned out so perfect! It's not a stenciled pattern, but more like confetti falling.

While I went color by color, triangle by triangle Josh started making the bed. Our neighbors were thrilled as we spread out in the shared front yard and back parking space. We had 2 days left to build, paint and set up the bed. Using some 2 x 4, 2 x 6, plywood and some intense nuts and bolts the plan started to take shape. Josh was able to get most of the bed done in the first day. I painted the wood once he finished with cuts and sanding. Using a pencil I drew out the star shapes and Josh got fancy with his tools and cut them out.

If we are being completely honest, when Josh told me he could build this incredible bed I sort of  doubted his abilities. Boy, did he blow my mind! Once the paint was dry we painfully took all the pieces upstairs into the room (plywood having to be lifted up to our second story balcony and brought in that way).  We assembled the bed and attached the climbing rocks to the foot below the opening. I bought them on Amazon and spray painted them colors to match the room. We built a side ladder as well that could be used for those days she doesn't want to climb or when friends need an extra hand. Josh installed a basket on a pulley and trimmed out the bed with crown molding. We made secret spy holes for out the window and strung twinkle lights all around. 

Once the bed was together the room came to life. We had so much space for activities! We put some of her toys and books under the bed and I hung curtains so she could perform plays or cover up the mess. Josh installed a bar underneath that she can swing on and hang from. There are still a few things we plan on adding. We are going to make a little stairway for the cat to make his way up for snuggles and we will add shelves for all her books built on to the bed, but for now it works. 

This bed is a kids dream come true. The kid in me wants to sleep in there every night. Needless to say, Violet was shocked! She loved it so much and gave out lots of scrumptious hugs. She continues to thank us and hardly comes out of her room. We play most of the time in there now.