Valentine Card Love Camper.

Valentine's Day is a big deal at our house. If you asked Violet, she would say Valentine's is her second favorite holiday right behind Christmas. Since she was a baby we have had traditions that consist of pink and red heart pancakes, love notes and heart gifts. Now that she is in school, she is very excited to share in the fun with her classmates.  This year she'll be collecting her classroom goodies in her love camper that was so fun to make and a huge hit when she saw it. 

What You Need:

  • Foam board or Cardboard
  • Flimsy Presentation board
  • Hot glue
  • Colored construction paper
  • Box cutter
  • String

How To Do It:

 1. Cut 2 oval-ish shapes out of cardboard or a foam presentation board with your box cutter.

2. Cut out a 4 inch wide strip from your flimsy presentation board long way. 

3. Hot glue your 4 inch strip to your oval shapes leaving an opening on the top for goodies.

4. Trace the camper on striped construction paper starting half way down the side for paneling on both sides and cut out. Hot glue into place.

 5. Using teal construction paper wrap the bottom of the of the camper and bring to the side paneling.

6. Cut thin strips of pink construction paper and layer onto the camper starting from the top of the paneling and working your way up. Do this for the sides and front and back.

7. With a thin strip of teal paper boarder off your paneling and siding with hot glue.

8. Add your door, windows, bumper and wheels. 

9. Hot glue triangles onto a string and hot glue onto the camper.

10. Stuff with your classroom valentine cards!