Truffle Shuffle.

This afternoon we received some serious happy mail! I’m talking the best kind of happy mail. That’s right, CHOCOLATE! Our friend B over at B’s Brigs surprised us with her Valentine’s Sweetheart box. To start, this box is the epitome of Valentine’s with its soft red velvet top that instantly makes you think of that romantic heart shaped bed we’ve all seen in the movies.

Getting these treats into their photo session was really difficult because we wanted to eat one. Swear, just one! As difficult as it was, we were able to make it through and snap some shots of these photogenic chocolates.

We quickly wrapped up and dove in, Violet in tow. We each tried a different one and not one of us were disappointed. Violet literally glowed smiling as she chewed and Arienne enjoyed hers with her 3rd cup of coffee. Quicker than we would have liked, they were all gone. Think the little one snuck a couple extra when we weren’t looking.

B’s Brigs are Brazilian truffles that have a deep and rich history behind them. B's grandmother actually invented these sweet treats!!! Years later B went on to inherit her grandmother’s amazing recipe and perfected it over time, but kept the Basic B exactly the same as her grandmothers. Boy, are we happy she did because these chocolates are remarkable! She works side by side with her husband Mr. F and they hand make each truffle with love. Believe us, you can taste the love and care that has gone into these.

Let us tell you, as self proclaimed chocolate connoisseurs, these were some of the best chocolates we’ve ever had. Do yourself a favor and order some of these today. You will be so glad you did! Not only are the truffles delightful, B herself is an incredible person who is as majestic as a unicorn in a fairy forest.