Spreading Smiles.

You all know by now that we are big fans of the random national holidays so it really goes without saying that we took National Random Acts of Kindness Day pretty seriously. This is one holiday that should definitely be celebrated by everyone, every day.

We went to the drawing board for ideas on what we could do as our random act. We originally planned on putting kind messages in cards for people’s cars, but the weather would not help facilitate this plan. We had to think of something waterproof or something different all together.

We tossed a few ideas around and then it hit us! Balloons! Waterproof, fun, and sure to bring out the childlike joy in everyone’s hearts. Even better was the fact that we actually had packs of smiley face balloons we had gotten at Dollar Tree a couple weeks back.

Had the weather permitted we would have filled the balloons with helium and attached them to cars, but since that was no longer an option we decided to simply leave them deflated and put them in mailboxes around the neighborhood with little notes encouraging folks to pass it on and share the happiness.

This was so easy and fun to do that it got us thinking about how acts of kindness shouldn’t be random. They should just be what we do. We need to be kinder to one another just because. The feeling you get when being good is so much greater than the feelings we get when we are unkind and mean. With all that being said, we are taking a vow to do more, be more and give more. We want to be the good in the world and if we can make just one person smile then we are heading in the right direction. You can literally change someone’s day around with something as simple as a balloon. Help us spread the joy and love by doing your own random acts of kindness.