Songs For Your Spaceship.

We're just over here waiting for our spaceship to arrive because when it does we've got our jams ready to go. We are sharing our favorite tunes that are either about space or remind us of space. From classics like Rocket Man to Space Jam we have got you covered. So sit back, relax and soar through space with us.

Aliens Exist- Blink-182

Spaceship- Kanye West

Space Jam- Tune Robbers

Oblivion- Grimes

Rocket Man- Elton John

Martian Girl- The Aquabats

Space Oddity- David Bowie

3rd Planet- Modest Mouse

i.o.u One Galaxy- The Ataris

The Past is a Grotesque Animal- of Montreal

Stormtrooper- Pepper

Twilight Galaxy- Metric

Spaceboy- The Smashing Pumpkins

Galaxy Rider-Voyageur

Space Unicorn- Parry Gripp

Spaceships- The Knux

A New Hope- Blink-182


Last Girl on Earth- Supreme Beings of Leisure

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