Skull Cups.

If you haven't noticed, I'm really into skulls. No, not just at Halloween time and yes, even real ones. I know, some people find that weird, but to me, they are fascinating and so rock n' roll. 

During October I bought a ton of plastic skulls from Dollar Tree and have had them laying around since. I'd already turned some into planters, so it was time to find a new idea for the unused ones. Then it hit a coconut out of a tree. Cups for all the summer time pina coladas! 

Sure you could drink out of a pineapple. Or hey, even a basic cup. But why would you?!? Novelty cups are far more exciting and these bad boys hold a double pina colada so you can sit back and relax instead of being in the kitchen all day, because let's be honest, who's only having one?

This DIY is quick, easy and down right badass. So turn on The Ramones, pull out your drill and make one punkin' awesome cup.

What You Need:

  • Hollow plastic skull
  • Drill with 3 inch hole saw
  • Sand paper
  • A rock and roll lifestyle

How To Do It:

1.  VERY VERY carefully drill the top of the skull head with the drill and hole saw. Don't rush it, go slow and keep your hands firm on the skull. 

2. Sand the edge of the hole to remove any left over plastic.

3. Wash skull and rinse out with soap and water, ensuring that all that plastic debris is out.

4. Fill with your favorite cocktail and sip slowly poolside