Printable Valentine's.

I wouldn't say I hate Valentine's Day, but I definitely think it's over rated. Loved ones feeling obligated to show you the media's idea of romance on a day saturated in cheap chocolates and over priced flowers. It certainly is a Hallmark holiday. To me, it is far more romantic to do something for your boo on a day you're not under a microscope being told to. 

And then, I had Violet. With her love for it my love has grown for it. While Josh and I don't feel it necessary to do something for each other on this day, we do go over the top for Violet. Our dining room is currently a pink and red heart explosion.

So while I was thinking of Violet's classroom Valentine's this year it came to me that we need some more adult Valentine's. Something we can hand out around the office or to our friends that will make them laugh or feel warm and fuzzy inside. Because lets be real, that's like the best feeling. And, like any adult with human relationships, there is always someone in the mix that you would like to tell to "sit on it!" Well now you can, but in a totally passive aggresive and cute kind of way. 

Download and print up these fun, sarcastic and adorable Valentine's. There is one for everyone in your life. Good and bad ;) 



Valentine's 2