Palm Leaf Drink Umbrellas.

Who doesn't love cocktail umbrellas?! Is it me, or do they make your drink like 34387 times better? The only problem is the classic umbrellas have become a bit, well, boring. They need a little face lift with some more pattern options.

Since summer is here I thought some monstera plant leaves would be perfect! These throw out some major Palm Spring vibes. So go shead throw these in your drink and call it a party!

What You Need:

  • Drink umbrellas (I found them at Dollar Tree)
  • Acrylic paint (light pink, green, white)
  • Paint brush

How To Do It:

1. Open your mini umbrella all the way up and secure with tiny stopper.

2. Very carefully paint the umbrellas light pink. Do it gently so the paper doesn't tear. It's fairly fine paper. Allow to dry completely.

3. Practice making your monstera plant leafs and when you feel confident use a small tipped brush and paint out your leafs in random order onto the umbrella. Allow to dry.

4. For the striped one paint every other triangle white!

5. Garnish your drink with one of these Palm Spring inspired umbrellas and go lounge by the pool!