Mother's Day with The Smitches.

Hi guys, Mallory here!

Ok, so Mother's Day is always difficult for me. It's usually a week before my mom's birthday so coming up with 2 incredible gifts is always tough. Not to mention my mom is like literally the hardest person to buy for. She does the typical mom thing, "no, i don't want any gifts. That doesn't matter to me." Who is she kidding?!? Nice try mom!

So this year I got lucky. My favorite favorite favorite girls at The Smitches asked to team up to tackle Mother's Day in a spectacular way. You might remember their amazing holographic prints from a few months ago when I did the baby doll head picture frame. Well they are at it again by now offering cards with that signature metallic foil lettering. It's like magic! Rainbow magic to be exact and they sent me their Mother's Day line!

 The thing I love about The Smitches aside from the holographic font is their sass! My mom and I aren't the long sentimental card type. We'd rather laugh then get emotional and these cards are perfect for that. I was literally lol'ing when I got them in the mail.

Next came the gift. And like I said, that is no easy task. I browsed Pinterest for hours, but nothing was screaming at me for her. What do you get the lady that has everything she wants?!? Then it came to me. What a better gift then the gift of me. I mean out of the 6 of us, I'm the favorite. The oldest. The reason she get's to have a Mother's Day in the first place.

While I send her plenty of selfies and Instagram picture choices I knew she needed something more. Something that would make her remember me as her original baby. It was instantly decided that I needed to reenact baby photos for my mom. Ones she could proudly carry in her wallet and show off to all her friends. 

So here they are, my 355 month photoshoot. Enjoy mom. Happy Mother's Day!!!! Love youuuu