Mermaid Crown.

I have been obsessed with mermaids all my life. The Little Mermaid was my favorite movie as a kid. I even have a mermaid tattooed on me. After Violet's party I realized I didn't have enough mermaid gear and after looking around there wasn't too many diy projects for the mermaids at heart.  That's why I decided to do a DIY mermaid crown. Its sparkly, rainbow-y and down right gorgeous. This isn't your typical sea shell crown. This is more like the gems found in the deep sea. 

What You Need:

  • Rainbow quartz beads (Amazon)
  • Silver wire 
  • Metal headband
  • Pliers 

How To Do It:

1. Layout your beads with the longest one in center and go to smaller from both sides down. Like a pointed crown would be. 

2. Bead a quartz bead with wire. There are a few ways you can go from here. You can start with the center longest piece and work your way down one side or you can go from smallest on one side and work your way around the crown. I chose to start in the center to keep things even. That just felt easier to me, but do what you are comfortable with!

3. Wrap wire around your headband to secure into place then make an "x" over the wire wrapping it each time. 

4. Make your way across the headband leaving about 3 inches on either side so the quartz isn't stuck behind your ears. 

5. Put on the crown and become one with the sea you beautiful mermaid you!