Margarita's Around Town.

National Margarita Day has been on our calender all month and happened to be celebrated a couple times before February 21 at our weekly get-togethers. Why? Because margaritas are our absolute favorite cocktail. Whether they are flavored, blended, on the rocks, salt or sugar rimmed you can expect us sipping these poolside...ok maybe not always poolside, but at least mentally always poolside or somewhere on the beach. Since we're a few hours away from the beach we thought we would share in the Margarita love here in town. We have amazing mexican food around Sacramento, but today we are here for the margaritas. 

ARIENNE- Zocalo in midtown Sacramento is my go-to spot when I'm craving a delicious margarita with some yummy food on the side. We aren't just talking any old margarita either, they've won my affection with their blackberry margarita specifically. It's one of the few places I've found that offers what happens to be one of my favorite flavors, and they use an organic blackberry puree to help create the magic. While anytime is a good time for a margarita, these are an especially refreshing treat on summer days. And as an added bonus, they're included on Zocalo's happy hour menu! There really is no reason not to go try one of these magnificent margaritas for yourself the next time you're in the neighborhood.

MALLORY- While I can't argue with Arienne on Zocalo's blackberry margarita being AMAZING, I will say that they have heavy competition with my favorite tequila spot Centro's. This place is fantastic for the tequila fans like myself. These guys have created jars and jars of infused tequilas. We're talking sweet, spicy and even a combination of the 2. You can get them as shots, which are fabulously large, or as margaritas. I can't help but try multiple flavors each visit. Their blackberry and pineapple tequila is one of my favorites. Colorful, delicious and always something new to try this downtown spot is sure to please your margarita cravings!