Giant Pumpkin Pie Pinata.


I dont know about you, but I am always looking for different and fun ideas to do during Thanksgiving. I love seeing more colorful creations coming around in popularity outside of the browns and oranges that Thanksgiving typically brings. I mean, why can't Thanksgiving be a rainbow of colors?! And who said it has to be formal uptight and dull ocassion? It's time to turn Thanksgiving into a party.

This year I thought we needed to bring a pinata to Thanksgiving since we always had such fun beating them up. Entertains both kids and adults. Especially after a few cocktails ;) And what says party like a pinata? 


So this year when you say you will bring the pie, surprise them with a giant pumpkin pie slice pinata. And maybe bring a real pie too because, well, pie is bomb! Watch grandma take a whack or crazy Uncle Bill stumble while hitting nothing but air. Or make this for your upcoming Friendsgiving and watch your friends take out their holiday stress on it. Either way, it's a sure win!


  • Cardboard
  • Tape
  • Glue
  • Orange and light brown tissue paper
  • Thick string or rope
  • White paper
  • Hot glue


1. Cut 2 large triangle pieces that are rounded at the top and 3 long rectangle pieces that are the length of the sides and rounded back piece. Cut one long strip for the pie crust and fold like an accordian. 


2. On the top piece of your pie cut 2 holes and string your pinata. You want to cut them with enough distance to balance the pie when hung. Tie securely in place.


3. Tape top pie piece to the sides and back pieces. Flip pie upside down and tape on bottom piece.

4. Cut an area on the back to fill pinata with candy.

5. Glue orange tissue paper to the top and sides leaving the back blank. I chose to not fringe the paper and simply glue sheets straight on since pumpkin pie is more flat.


6. Glue on strips of light brown tissue paper to the bottom sides, back and first few inches of the top of the pie. I layered the strips on the back like you would do with fringe. 


7. Glue tissue paper onto the folded pie crust piece.


8. Hot glue pie crust piece onto the top of the pie slice.


9. Make whipped cream by cutting out 5 circles from white paper. Fold the circles in half. Glue one side of one circle to the side of the another cicle. Continue that pattern with all the circle pieces. glue the remaining open paper to each other. This will make a 5 flapped whipped cream star. Fold up and cut in half so the bottom is flat.

10. Hot glue whipped cream to top of pie slice.


11. Fill with candy and have the whole family take a whack Thanksgiving day!