Flying Saucer Planters.

We are some serious plant ladies over here and always looking for fun vessels for them to call home. When we sat down and started mapping out our extraterrestrial week we knew we needed to add a planter to list.

While we have made a big Star Wars Death Star we needed something a little smaller that you could add to any space. Something that made the area a little more interesting or added a some fun to the center of your table at your next intergalactic party. 

These little planters were truly so easy to make and so much fun. We recommend them as a quick gift! We even hung some by string and had them float around while Josh played space sounds from his keyboard. Don't think we aren't sharing a video of an overly corny PSA where the plants are the alienssssss! Pew pew pew....

What You Need:

  • Silver spray paint
  • Plastic bowls (we got a set of 6 at Dollar Tree)
  • Clear small plastic bowls (Dollar Tree)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plants

How To Do It:

1. Spray paint your larger bowl silver with the round opening facing down.

2. Cut out the center of the bowl. Feel free to cut the edge off your bowl. We did some both ways.

3. Hot glue your bigger bowl to the clear bowl upside down and allow to cool.

4. Plant your succulent and add a little water and dirt.

5. Top your saucer with a clear bowl on top. Ta-da, you now have a UFO planter. Just remove top to lightly water occasionally.