Eggs-traterrestrial Easter.

While we respect the tried and true holiday traditions, we couldn't plan our Easter festivities without our own out-of-this-world spin on the classic dyed egg. Whether you have some aspiring astronauts taking part in your hunt, or are just looking for new way to decorate your eggs, we've got a few fun options listed below.

What You Need:

  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Black, lime green, yellow, and blue egg dye (water, vinegar, dye)
  • Hot glue gun
  • Glitter felt
  • Paint

How To Do It:

**Boil your eggs and cool down with cold water**


1. Color your eggs in lime green dye. We used green and yellow dye to give it more of a neon color.

2. Paint black eyes onto the larger side of the egg.


1. Dye the pointed side of the egg yellow for your beam of light and the rounded side blue.

2. Paint an alien onto the blue like it is driving.

3. Cut glitter metallic felt into long bowed strips.

4. Hot glue felt together around egg under the blue and alien.


1. Dye egg black then paint on galaxy going from pink, purple, teal, dark blue to black. Take a paint brush and dab on colors.

2. Cover paint brush in white paint and splatter onto egg.