Dollhead Planters.

If you follow along on the blog you might remember that box full of dollheads I scored at the antique faire a few months ago. While I have made many projects with them, I still have about 20 left. So I got to thinking. I wanted to make something summery with them and realized I never made planters with them, which was one of my original plans for them when I saw them. 

I love these little planters. They are not only cute, but also creepy in the best way possible. My brother hates these, which is really entertaining for me everytime he comes over. So if anything, make these to freak people out ;)

What You Need:

  • Plastic dollheads (try antique faires and thrift stores)
  • Drill with hole saw
  • Mini planters (I got a 3 pack at Dollar Tree)
  • Plants and dirt

How To Do It:

1. Very carefully drill holes at the top of dollheads. Again, VERY CAREFULLY! 

2. Insert planters into center of hole and plant your plants. Easy as that!