DIY Kitty and Bunny Christmas Ornaments.


It's that time of year again! Christmas is somehow only a month away. This year has flown by so quickly. I swear I just put away all the Christmas decorations! Every year I want to change up the look of our holiday decor. Last year we had a colorful rainbow christmas and while I love it, Josh is a little less amused. So this year we have a green tree with neutral ornaments in silver, gold and teal.

Violet on the other hand was not going to skip out on a pink Christmas in her bedroom. We pulled out her white tree and decorated with pinks and silvers. Like me, she wanted new ornaments. Surprisingly, she was done with all the princess ornaments and wanted something cute to replace them. That's when we came up with bunnies and kitties!


We decided to keep the palette soft pinks and white. It was a good contrast to the dark pink we had already on the tree. I always try to reuse what we already have instead of buying so I grabbed some silver plastic bulb ornaments and spray painted them white and pink. Then I got to painting the sweet little faces. Once they were dry I hot glued the ears on and voila' the most adorable little ornaments ever! 


These are a quick and easy DIY that anyone can do. Have the kiddos help out and make their own and see what kind of faces they come up with. They make the perfect gift for baby's first christmas or the pink obsessed kid in your life. Honestly, I am so smitten on these! I want to put them on our main tree and look at them everyday. Violet on the other hand has other plans for them. For now they will remain hers.... ;)

I hope you enjoy this DIY. Let me know in the comments what you think and if you make your own set! :)


  • Ornaments (I just used silver ones I had on hand, but if you have white and pink already you get to skip the painting step)
  • Spray paint (white and soft pink)
  • White, light pink and medium pink construction paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Hot Glue
  • Paint (black, white, pink and dark pink)


1. Spray paint your ornaments white and pink. Allow to dry.


2. While waiting for your spray paint to dry, cut out bunny ears and kitty ears. For the bunny ears I used white paper for the outer ear and medium pink paper for the inner ear. I cut the white bigger then the pink. For the kitty ears I used light pink for the outer ear and medium pink for the inner ear. Again keeping the outer ear bigger. Paste into place leaving space on the bottom of the ears.

3. Cut up from the bottom of the ears to the inner ear. fold and glue flaps into place so it becomes 3D.


4. Once the ornaments are dry use your acrylic paints to paint on the faces. I used black for the lashes, white for the whiskers on the kitties, light pink for the cheeks on the bunnies and mixed the white with the dark pink for the kitties' cheeks. I used dark pink for the heart noses. 


5. When the faces have dried hot glue the ears to the ornaments.

6. Hang in your tree and admire your adorable ornaments!