Dia de Los Muertos

As much as I love Halloween, I love the tradition and meaning of Dia de Los Muertos more. It is a wonderful reminder that our loved ones, who have passed, are still among us and their spirit lives on. To me it is comforting to think that death isn’t scary and that we simply continue on to reunite with the people from our mortal life and watch over our loved ones who remain.

As the holiday approached and we began talking about how we are going to celebrate Violet’s interest began to peak. She has reached the age of curiosity about death and what that means. I never really know what to say or how to explain it to a 6 year old, but I always try to make death an event that is not something we should fear. That while we are sad we will one day see our loved ones again in a better place. I’m not sure what that place is or if it exists, but that is what I go with. It makes me feel better and Violet seems to accept these answers.

This year we set up a candle for each person we’ve lost. Some we lost too early and others we never met. We remember those who have passed not in sadness, but in great appreciation for their lasting imprint on us. This holiday is a reminder to cherish those we love, alive or those who are not.