Back To School With Haute Girls.

It's hard to believe that summer is already coming to an end and school will be starting up again! Violet is starting 2nd grade and is beyond excited to start. It's bittersweet for me. I miss her like crazy everyday, but I also am not one to turn down some me time and have a chance to get things done. Violet's favorite part is all the back to school shopping that happens the week before school starts. She is already eyeing every store we go into for what's is going in her pencil box, what backpack she "needs" and clothes for the new year.

I could not have been more excited when Haute Girls reached out and showed me their new back to school line with Hallmark. I love these girls and had admired their work for awhile on Instagram so I got a little fangirl getting to partner up to showcase my favorite piece from their new line. I knew I needed to include Violet since she was already on the prowl for school supplies. We both instantly pointed to the pineapple lunch pail. It was love at first sight.

I knew I wanted to make a pineapple like the adorable one on the bag as a fun centerpiece for our dining table. I took the bag to Dollar Tree and found as similar of flowers as I could. I got really lucky! They had such a great selection in all the colors I needed. Next stop was the store for pineapple that was still far from ripe so it would keep longers.

With all my supplies in hand I got to recreating the Haute Girls design. I spray painted the leaves lime green and allowed to dry. Carefully I laid out the flowers in a similar pattern and got to gluing. I used hot glue to hold the flowers to the pineapple. Allow to dry and voila! an adorable flower pineapple centerpiece inspired by a lunch bag.

Not only is this lunch pail ADORABLE, it's so practical. It's lined for easy wipe down, which any mom knows is so important since kids are sticky and messy. There is even a little pouch inside that is perfect for an ice pack, or like I do, a note for Violet.

This bag has so much space too. I didn't have to Tetris everything in and cram it shut. The zipper is gold and really great quality. This lunch bag is going to be fought over between Violet and I because I could and would totally use it for work. 

Go check out Haute Girls shop and their new darling line with Hallmark of back to school supplies. Get a lunch pail and make your very own flowered pineapple!