A Window Opened.

Things here at Tiny Paper Cuts have taken a little turn. I decided to close the door and open a window...so to speak. While I have been working mostly solo for the past few months, I felt it would be best to include someone in this experience. What better person than your best friend, am I right?!? 

I would like to introduce you to a true kween! Arienne has been my ride or die since 7th grade. We have experienced deaths, loves, losses, police and more awkward moments than we can count. While she refuses to transition our friendship into a more physical one we're still female soulmates. 

Arienne is an incredible woman that's creative, thought provoking and obviously gorg! I'm going to let her introduce herself below, but believe me, she's only going to be modest. Again she's a KWEEN!!


Greetings! I'm the worst at introductions, but Mallory is completely biased, so it's probably a good idea to give a more real representation of myself...

I am random and awkward and fully embrace it. I think life is a journey of learning and self-growth, and while I am always striving to grow as a person, I refuse to completely grow up. I love to travel and collect experiences and adventures. 

Mallory is my dearest friend and my other half, and I could not refuse the opportunity to work with her on on this. I mean, what better excuse is there to get together more often (hopefully with cocktails involved) than creative brainstorm sessions? We've always been partners in crime, and now we get to be partners in Tiny Paper Cuts. I could not be more thrilled to delve into the magical world she has created here, and hope to contribute and share fun, meaningful idea and experiences. I am certainly glad I found this open window, and can't wait to start this journey.