Psycho Babes.

At the beginning of September during our monthly trip to the antique faire I stumbled upon a booth that would have had Brad Pitt yelling up to the sky. There, in a large box, was the most heads I had ever seen. There were big heads, small heads, bald heads and yarn heads. These were of course doll heads, you creeps! When the guy told me $20 took the lot I said 'bag em!' Josh immediately was taken aback and started questioning what my plan was. Truth was I had no plan, but I knew eventually it would come to me and I simply couldn't walk away from this bargain. 

A few weeks went by and the heads went off my radar. With them under my desk I nearly forgot all about them. That was until I saw the best print from my girls The Smitches. They're a hilarious and sassy print shop with products that I can relate to because they're a little dark humored. Their prints literally make me LOL. It gets even better. These prints are done with holographic lettering and we all know how much I love rainbows and shiny things. So I ordered up their 'Cute. But Psycho. But Cute.' print and when it arrived I was floored at how gorgeous it was in person. This holographic lettering is stunning.

With my new awesome print in hand I needed a way to display it. Thats when it came to me. A doll head frame. Because what says cute and a little psycho better then cut up doll heads? Josh got to work on the frame and used a beautiful wine barrel oak that gave off a warm merlot color. Once the frame was complete I hot glued the heads to the frame. It was a thing of nightmarish dreams. 

The moral of this story is to ALWAYS buy bags of doll heads and when you do there is no better art to frame than one of The Smitches magically lettered prints. The ladies over there are so awesome they're offering free shipping through the weekend on a marvelous print when you use the code: PSYCHOBABES at checkout. 


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