It's All In The Name.

I am not a natural blogger. I struggle writing about myself and figuring out things to share that I think people will find interesting aside from my crafts and projects. This is why I have decided to try out a 30 day blog challenge. I am not holding myself to an every single day schedule, because, well, I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up. I’ll definitely be giving it my best go though.

The first challenge is to write about my blog name Tiny Paper Cuts. Honestly I wish I had a really good story on where it came from. There was no huge neon sign from above to give me the answers I so desperately needed. Truth be told it took me a long time to think of a name that fit my style.

I wanted something a little on the darker side, but not so dark when you searched it you stumbled upon something you could never unsee again. My name also needed to be a reflection of what I was doing. I bounced ideas off anyone that would listen. There was Glitter Sprinkles, but that was too girly. Then I thought of Black Cat Crafts, but I thought it sounded like I was doing spells and witchcraft.  Then there was a whole lot of words I was just trying to smash together. My problem was that none of the names really stood as a representation of me. I was trying to force it so I could start.

When Tiny Paper Cuts finally came to me it was while making confetti with scissors and tissue paper for a gift box. I was in the middle of complaining about how long it was taking doing all those small cuts to Josh when I stopped and realized, holy cow! I had something here. I fiddled around with the words until tiny paper cuts slipped out of my mouth. I instantly loved it. 2 meanings in one name.

I still question how the name is perceived by people, but for now I love it and am sticking with it. Collecting scissors in my wake. Hope all you fabulous people have a magical day and thanks for reading.


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