The Curated Creatives.

When I first got the email from Amanda at HoorayHouse about the curated creatives I was shocked. Did I get tagged in this message by accident?! She said she wanted to put together an Instagram art showing reimaging September’s issue of Vogue and the props that were used with artists and creatives with bright and clean styles. I was honored to be considered one of those people and to create alongside such talented people. Some of the options were ice cream, slot machines, bubbles, feathers, vintage cars and speakers. The ice cream and speakers instantly spoke to me and I was eager to start.


I knew the ice cream was going to be easier to accomplish so I started there. I quickly made vanilla ice cream in a bag and dyed it rainbow. It was a Lisa Frank dream as it melted on the ground. For the speaker project I searched multiple local thrift stores and bought up all I could. After stripping and sanding them I painted them bright rainbow colors. I had never styled a full scene before so I was nervous going into the project. My original plan was a full wall of speakers, but I was only able to find the 6 that were old and big. For my scene I knew I wanted it to look like a rainbow diva had just finished a magical set. Violet had so much fun playing on scene and we got to rock out together before I took it apart.

I had such a blast working on this project. With never having the experience of full set styling I first doubted my skill and thought about backing out. Maybe I had bitten off more than I could chew. After talking to some family and friends I was motivated to at least try. No sense in wasting an opportunity I had dreamed of. I had always wanted to style a scene and this was my chance to open the door to that world. I’m so grateful to have gotten the opportunity to be apart of this creative group and showcase my bright rainbow style. I hope to a part of many more awesome projects like this.