Death Star Planter.

This planter is out of this world and sure to impress all your Jedi friends. With a few DollarTree bowls and some paint you can update your space with a fun and nerdy conversation starter. 

What You Need:

  • 2 Plastic bowls
  • Plants and soil
  • Drill with 1/16 in drill bit
  • White acrylic paint and small brush
  • Fishing line (+30 lb)
  • Heat gun
  • Shellac

How To Do It:

1. Designate one bowl top and one bottom. The bottom piece will be where your plants and dirt are. The soil will need to be able to drain so you need to add holes to the bottom. Be very patient and gentle for this part. Using your drill and drill bit add a few holes to the bottom. Be sure to use a small bit because the plastic will crack if too large. Trust me, did it to my first bowl and had to start over. Heat the small holes with a heat gun to make the holes larger. Make the holes around the size of a pencil eraser.

2. Moving on to the top piece start with the circle detail and work your way out and around. Tape out three stories on your bowl and paint on lines. Add details by doing some lines all the way down and others T shaped. Add blocks and ladders for the stormtroopers. While this seems overwhelming the details are simple and repetitive. 3 stories on each bowl and can easily be made to your preference. If needed pull up a photo of the Death Star for more specific details. I tried to keep mine less busy so you could still see the plants inside.

3. Place the dry top piece inside the bottom bowl and trace out details with your paint. This makes the process speed along. Don't forget to leave out the circle detail on the bottom piece.  Turn the bowl a bit and fill in the empty circle area with more pattern. Shellac each piece and allow to dry.

4. If you don't plan on hanging your planter you are finished. You can simply place the lid on and take it off to water. If you would like to give the illusion your Death Star is flying through your home place the top piece on the bottom piece making a rounded shape. Tape edges to hold in place. Slowly drill 4 holes evenly distributing the weight. Use the 4 most outer points of edges.

5. Thread your fishing line through and tie knot over knot until your knot is too big to fit through the hole. Repeat on next 3 holes. Allow enough line on all 4 to be able to hang. Tie the 4 strings together at the length you want your Death Star to be and loop at top for hanger. Lid will be easy to lift up and down.

6. Hang on a sturdy hook indoor or outdoor depending on plants preference and invite all your Earthling friends over to admire. 

**Remember when picking plants to think about what will be able to survive in the dome. I talked to a specialist at a local nursery for the best care plan for my plants in our hot California weather.**