Alien Abduction Party Hat.

What You Need:

  • Party hat (I got a package of 8 at the DollarTree)
  • Hot glue
  • Salt dough (1 cup flour, 1 cup salt and 1/2 water)
  • Acrylic paint
  • Cupcake holder
  • Clear rounded plastic cup with lid (I used the Target $1 area straws packaging)
  • Yellow felt
  • Holographic sheet 
  • Silver and glow in the dark spray paint

What To Do:

1. First make your alien using salt dough. I colored mine green with food dye and baked at 250 degrees for about an hour and allowed the alien to hang out on the counter for another hour. Once cooled, paint alien with green acrylic paint and once dried paint on the eyes. Spray alien with glow in the dark paint.

2. Wrap party hat in yellow felt and hot glue. Spray with glow in the dark paint for fun trick when the lights go out.

3. Spray paint the inside of a cupcake liner cup silver and allow to dry. This will be your UFO

4. Using your holographic paper hot glue onto the outside of the cupcake liner cup.

5. Hot glue alien to the bottom of the plastic cup. 

6. Cut enough of your clear packaging to go around and above the alien and hot glue into place on plastic cup. Wrap the lid in the holographic paper and secure on top of the rounded packaging.

7. Hot glue UFO to top of party hat and impress the pants off everyone!