Crafting With Spirits.

This is a story about the after life. A story of spiritual connection. There are no scary nail biting twists and you wont have to sleep with your lights on. No, this is not the story you tell around the campfire. This is about one girl and her bonding experiences with her grandmothers even though they have passed on.

Let me start with a little history. The woman on the left in the sweet red suit is my great grandmother. I called her little grandma because, well, she was little standing at only 5'1.  I loved spending my time at her house because she cooked the best food and let me craft whatever I wanted. We spent many hours at the fabric store scanning for just the right pattern, it was the 90's so you can imagine the patterns I was rocking. Everything I know about sewing was learned from her. I melted my first Lisa Frank bead kit in her oven. Yes, she was one supportive grandma. Everything I did was "the best thing she had ever seen." As I grew older the less time I wanted to spend there and when she passed away when I was 17 I realized just what I had lost and regretted not appreciating her more when I had her. I can't eat carrot cake or watch Bewitched without thinking about her to this day.

The 60's fashionista on the right is my Nana. My relationship with her was more quality over quantity because she passed away to lymphoma when I was 4. Before she passed I spent a lot of time with her. She would make me pb and j on saltine crackers with tea, a treat I still enjoy. Most of what I know has been told to me by my mom. A strong woman that did everything she could while being sick and still providing as a single mother of 2. While having very little she did everything she could do to make things special for her kids by crafting gifts and repurposing the old. There are drawings and scrapbooks full of memories my grandmother documented along her journeys.  I remind my mom most of her.

While there is a hole in my heart for my grandmothers I know they are with me. Might sound like a cheesy 80's film, but sometimes I can truly feel their energy surrounding me and guiding me. I feel them helping me every time I start to struggle or feel like giving up. This probably wont make sense to a lot of people and there's people who are going to think I am a nut, but this is true to me. There are times when I am so confused on how to do something while crafting and creating that I am ready to throw in the towel and act like the hot mess project never happened. Then like a whisper in my ear it clicks. A technique or solution I never thought of. I take this as a sign that one of my grandmothers is there to help me achieve my goals. I get great comfort in this feeling. It makes me feel protected and like I am working along side my creative grandmothers at least one more time. Just not in your typical kind of way and I will take whatever I can get.



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