DIY Unicorn Jar.


Violet is turning 6!!! This year she requested a swim party at a local pool and while I was ready for a Shopkins or Monster High theme I was pleasantly surprised when Violet told me she wanted a rainbows and unicorns party. This was a theme I was thrilled to work on.

We decided we would make play dough together using a simple recipe we frequently use and give it as a party favor to our guests. We chose to do rainbow colors as for our theme, but the options are unlimited in colors. You can even add glitter for more sparkle! Since the play dough needs an airtight container to stay fresh we made our own DIY unicorn jars.


What You Need:

-4 oz jar

-Plastic unicorn toys (I got mine on Amazon)

-E6000 industrial strength glue

-Silver metallic spray paint

-Goodies for jar (candy, play dough, slime, etc)


First you are going to need to spray paint your unicorns. I used silver, but use whatever color you want your unicorn topper to be.


Once dry, glue unicorn to top of lid using an industrial strength glue for a tight grip. Allow to dry overnight for best results and fill with desired goodies.


And voila, you have created an adorable birthday party keepsake for all your guests. Too simple not to do! Let me know what you think and share any jars you make! -XoXo