Mushy Gushy.

Today is Josh’s birthday and while I don’t like being mushy gushy this guy just makes me that way. I wasn’t that way ever before. In fact, most of my relationships we acted more like roommates/friends then two people who were attracted to each other in any way. Something about this guy makes me want to publicly show my love for him. I still get the nervous butterflies around him.  It wasn’t always that way of course.

I met Josh at my work’s holiday party. I was working at a bar and he was such a regular they invited him too. I had never seen him in my life because I worked day shifts and he went at night. He was standing with a group of friends when I walked over to say hi to everyone. When he was introduced to me I started giving him a hard time about being at our work party. He was laughed and we got to talking. By the end of the night we were joking like old friends. I thought he was fun and knew I’d see him again seeing as he was a regular.

He came back into my work about a week later. It was a slow day so I sat down with him to chat. We got to talking and suddenly his face looks like he has seen a ghost. There standing behind me was one pissed off ex-girlfriend. Knowing this was an awkward situation I got up and left them to it. I had to serve them while they fought and she shot daggers my way. Finally she left and I went to Josh with the biggest WTF?! He told me he didn’t know how to tell me his ex was coming with a Christmas gift for him. I think he planned it out that way to try to make this girl jealous. He apologized relentlessly and promised me a beer. I eventually took him up on the offer and spent the day walking around town getting a better idea of who he was.

We began hanging out regularly. In fact, I moved into an apartment across the street from him so we saw each other a lot! He began to ask me out and to date him, but I always said no. I didn’t see him that way. In my mind he was too good for a girl like me. He was sweet and gentle and one of those guys that’s just “too nice”. My friends harassed me all the time about him and how I was terrible for not dating him. I always saw him as my settle down guy. When I was 30 something and ready to be a wife he would be just the guy I would want, but I wanted try to be single and independent for the first time in my life. This was a joke to all because Josh and I acted like boyfriend and girlfriend we just didn’t have the title and we both had freedom to do what we wanted.

At least that was what I thought I wanted. Josh decided to mimic me and made an online dating profile and actually went on a date with another girl. I was not as cool and collected as I thought I would be. It made me jealous beyond words and I started to rethink my no date plan. He had just started the I don’t care anymore attitude and I had to have him.

I ended up having to go to the hospital for kidney stones and had to have surgery. Everyday that I was there so was he. He brought me food so I didn’t have to die from hunger out of my refusal to eat what the hospital put in front of me. He sat with me until they kicked him out. When I was finally released from the hospital I had a drainage bag coming out of my kidney because a stone had block my tract. It was disgusting and awful. I cried all the time. Yet Josh didn’t care. He thought I was still beautiful. A little smelly, but beautiful. He was there to help me change my bandage and to help me with Violet when I couldn’t manage getting up.

He totally won me over as I watched him and Violet play and realized having a guy that’s “too nice” is exactly what I needed. Someone that could love me, but more importantly my daughter and their bond was unbreakable. One night as we were watching t.v after Violet had gone to bed I told him we were dating. Wasn’t a question. I knew what I wanted and I was not going to let him get away. He never questioned it. Just said “you finally caved!” Truth was I didn’t just cave, I fell head over heels in. I started to feel a love I had never thought I would experience in my life again after my first love had passed.

To this day I tell him that I wholeheartedly believe he put a spell on me. I’ve never liked another human as much as I like him. He’s a total dork and likes terrible television, but he’s mine. I’m not a huge fan of the fact that our birthday’s are a day apart, but I can’t think of anyone I’d rather share the spotlight with. So cheers to Josh on his 29th birthday. The world’s most gentle and loving soul.